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About Us

Since 2007, and due to the absence of technologies offering true information on Lebanon, it's been clear that Lebanon needs to follow the latest innovations that enforce diversity and offer its rich culture to all kind of people around the world. Thus, in the middle of 2007, we started developing "Quick Lebanon Info", a non-profit multilingual project, whose mission to cover most important Lebanese information and related subjects in a "quick" manner, allowing everyone to discover our culture in a fast effective way.

The success of "Quick Lebanon Info" and its excellence among the Lebanese diaspora allowed us to push beyond. Furthermore, since 2010, and due to the rising demands of complex critical services and the absence of numerical weather data, we initiated "Lebanon Info Center", our official non-profit association, where "Quick Lebanon Info" became officially part of its new dynamic website. Hence, in 2010, we became the first Lebanese website to officially process weather data across Lebanon. However, due to the lack of infrastructures and sponsors, we became heavily centered in London, England, where we have strong connections with the European Union countries, Canada and the United States, pushing forward diversity and exchanging culture with the world. Adding that we are always looking for collaborations and associations from all countries.

Moreover, we are constantly working and seeking to deliver true accurate and free information across all over the globe and we are in search of volunteers, donations and sponsors to help us with our mission and our advanced technological infrastructures.

Feel Free to contact us for any feedback, ideas and/or inquires using the button below.

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